Format: CD
Label: ALB
Rel. Date: 10/16/2020
UPC: 034061182429

Relics of Memory
Artist: William Ferguson
Format: CD
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Available Formats and Editions


1. Relics Of Memory: I. Relic Of Memory
2. Relics Of Memory: II. At Ardboe Point
3. Relics Of Memory: III. The Given Note
4. Relics Of Memory: IV. Lightenings
5. Relics Of Memory: V. Triptych
6. Relics Of Memory: VI. The Point
7. Unquiet Spirit: I. Mulching
8. Unquiet Spirit: II. Solstice
9. Unquiet Spirit: III. What You Do
10. Unquiet Spirit: IV. Ascending
11. Unquiet Spirit: V. The First Rain Of Spring
12. Unquiet Spirit: VI. Today
13. Together And Together: I. Macha
14. Together And Together: II. Bigfoot
15. Together And Together: III. Ireland
16. Together And Together: IV. Wind And Tree
17. Together And Together: V. The Avenue
18. Together And Together: VI. The Weepies